GF Machining Solutions Mill S-X-series with a inclinable and adjustable dressing spindle close to the working area
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Hybrid Mikron MILL S/X (U) milling and grinding machine reduces process time

Manufacturers can now achieve faster processing times thanks to the hybrid Milling/Grinding capabilities available on the milling machine series Mikron MILL S/X (U). The machines in these series are now able to combine milling and jig grinding on the same machine without any impact on its footprint or its performance.

On the customers' side, the manufacturing process is crucial to answer market demands and fast time to market is a daily challenge in many industries. Due to the crisis caused by COVID-19, the cost of raw materials has increased considerably and producing the first part right is essential in order to keep costs down and avoid scraped material. A short machining process is key to increasing productivity and efficiency.

Milling and Grinding

The Mikron MILL S/X (U) three- and five-axis milling series are renowned for their accuracy, precision and high dynamics as well as for their iconic design and ergonomics. Accessibility to the machine is easy and the machine footprint is small – whether on a standalone machine or combined with an automation cell. With a fast process speed, parts can be produced in the highest quality to fulfill market demands with a flexible production. The AMC (Automated Machine Calibration) as standard on the series provides a perfect calibration and the cooling of all machine components keeps the process stable during long milling and grinding processes.

The MILL S and X series now include hybrid capabilities: milling and grinding. The new machines are able to combine milling and jig grinding on the same machine without any impact on its footprint or performance. The grinding setup has been designed in order to maintain standard workpiece dimensions and the clamping surface for automated processes. The laser measuring system and the dressing spindle (with an adjusted rpm from 3,000 to 20,000) remain located closer to the working area for a quick and fast grinding process. In addition, the dressing spindle has been installed with a slight inclination in order to be able to dress any type of grinding tool without issue.

High-quality parts

Through this two-in-one solution, the Mikron MILL S/X (U) series from GF Machining Solutions reduce the time and complexity of the customers' manufacturing process. The combination of the milling and the grinding technologies, extremely high machine dynamics and consistent thermal stability thanks to the Ambient Robust technology ensure high accuracy and a fast ROI for high-quality parts. The dressing spindle is equipped with an acoustic emission (AE) sensor to track and visualize the signal on the Heidenhain control during the tool dressing. The machine can be equipped with an additional AE sensor to track grinding operations to optimize the process further. Thanks to the additional AE sensors on the machine table, operators can adapt their process even more thanks to the automatic tool-piece detection cycle. This cycle, developed by GF Machining Solutions, avoids air grinding by detecting exactly when the grinding tool touches the part to start the process under optimal conditions.

GF Machining Solutions Mikron MILL S/X (U) series for milling and grinding high-quality parts
The Mikron MILL S/X (U) series now combine milling and grinding to reach high-quality parts and excellent surface quality in a reduced manufacturing process.