Ceratizit, Machining

High-performance drilling up to a diameter of 96 mm

CERATIZIT includes the KUB Pentron CS indexable insert drill in the standard portfolio. The KUB Pentron CS has been developed for process-secure and high-performance drilling up to a diameter of 96 mm in a single operation – a common request from a wide range of sectors.

The KUB Pentron indexable insert drills from the KOMET range have proven their worth over many years in numerous industries. However, the standard tools were limited to a diameter range of 14 to 46 mm – too little for many users. For large holes (e.g. for bearing seats), they would like to use similar, reliable, high-performance KUB Pentron drilling tools, which is why Ceratizit decided to develop a new KUB Pentron CS (CS = Cartridge Solution) designed for large diameters up to 96 mm and a length-to-diameter ratio of up to 3xD.

Modular structure

Thanks to its modular structure, the KUB Pentron CS is suitable for universal use and for many special applications. It consists of a burnished, wear-resistant KUB Pentron base holder in the accustomed high quality from KOMET. Ceratizit has turned to the proven KOMET ABS system for the coupling system on the KUB Pentron CS, as it offers significant advantages compared to other interfaces, such as the cylindrical shank, especially for large holes. These include a higher clamping force and torsional stiffness as well as better values with regard to force transmission, accuracy and machining performance.

Two cartridge seats

Two, high-precision cartridge seats are located in the base body. While the inner cartridge is able to cover a specific diameter range, the outer cartridge determines the bore diameter. Each cartridge contains two SOGX indexable inserts from the Ceratizit standard portfolio, which offers a huge selection. The optimum cutting insert for every material and application can be found there – with respect to the substrate, coating and special geometries, such as those for better chip control.