Ceratizit WTX Feed drill reamer
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Ceratizit WTX Feed BR drill reamer ensures H7 tolerances in one operation

Spot drilling, drilling and reaming to a tolerance of H7 in just one operation? Not a problem for the WTX Feed BR three-edged drill reamer from Ceratizit. The machining specialist has succeeded in streamlining and improving the manufacturing process further with this newly developed tool.

The key feature of this drilling tool especially for steel and cast iron machining is its three effective cutting edges and six guide lands which are responsible for a significantly shorter work process, high accuracy and surface quality. In a nutshell, the WTX Feed BR is ideal for all machine operators who require very high-quality holes, but do not need the high level of precision that can only be achieved with a pure reamer.

Three cutting edges

The WTX Feed BR solid carbide drill reamer has a multitude of strengths, most of which are down to its three cutting edges. These ensure greater contact in the hole, which delivers greater cylindricity and roundness. A considerably tighter tolerance field can be maintained for the hole produced, compared to a two-edged drill reamer. These have a rather wobbly penetration behaviour, in contrast the tip geometry of the drill reamer with three cutting edges achieves significantly better centring and positioning.

The geometry of the three cutting edges which have been taken from the WTX FEED high-feed drill also open up a possible application in long-chipping and soft materials, which was previously only possible to a limited extent with the two-edged version. The three-edged version also achieves higher cutting values. Users will enjoy shorter machining times with greater tolerances.

Dragonskin coating

The tool is particularly wear-resistant thanks to its proven DPX14S Dragonskin coating. This is a TiAlN nanolayer coating with a coefficient of friction (dry against steel) of just 0.35. It is stable up to a maximum application temperature of 1000 °C. A drilling test using an 8 mm tool in 42CRMOS4 (H7 hole) at a cutting speed Vc of 55 to 100 m/min resulted in the following: Compared to a version with two cutting edges, the three-edged WTX Feed BR drill reamer achieves a considerably lower deviation, in relation to the diameter, from the hole tolerance. The variance was a maximum of 0.013 mm.

The WTX Feed BR drill reamer from Ceratizit can be used for a wide range of product applications from H7 standard applications to diameter graduations in the 0.01 mm range. The tools are available throughout in 3xD and 5xD versions.