The MonsterMill NCR’s above-average tool life and high process security when machining Ni-based alloys is impressive
Ceratizit, Machining

Ceratizit MonsterMill NCR cuts Ni-based alloys quickly and reliably

Ni-based alloys - they withstand high thermal and mechanical loads, are extremely corrosion-resistant and are suitable for many possible applications. The other side of the coin: the machining process for these super alloys is extremely challenging. For these challenges, Ceratizit has developed the MonsterMill NCR end mill with the innovative Dragonskin coating.

Whether in the aerospace sector, the chemical industry or in energy technology – components made from Ni-based alloys are often used wherever high thermal and mechanical loads prevail. The special properties of these materials speak for themselves: they have excellent heat resistance, are tremendously hard even at high temperatures and on top of that, are also extremely corrosion-resistant. At the same time, these are the properties that often push machinists and tools to their limits. Manufacturing facilities that use state-of-the-art machining processes can only remain process-secure and efficient by using tools that have been specially designed for this application.

A perfectly adapted end mill

The MonsterMill NCR from Ceratizit is one such tool. The milling cutter was specifically developed to take the unpredictability out of working with this hard and high tensile material. Various factors ensure that the difficulties associated with machining Inconel and similar materials are a thing of the past. The MonsterMill NCR has a special tool geometry that is precisely tailored to machining Ni-based alloys. This is crucial, especially in relation to tool wear, and ensures stable and reliable processes. The reinforced core diameter and increasing tapered core effectively counteract tool wear as well, making it possible to achieve an impressive tool life.

Ultra-modern coating technology

Last but not least, we also have the innovative Dragonskin coating to thank for the MonsterMill NCR’s excellent ability to resist abrasive Ni-based alloys. The coating is also a new development and has excellent heat stability, as well as tremendous wear resistance. Protected in this way, the MonsterMill NCR enjoys remarkably long machining times in a material that is feared by machinists because of its tensile strength and exceptional hardness.

Reliable and efficient machining

Ceratizit introduced the MonsterMill NCR in response to the special requirements of machining Ni-based alloys. Having mastered this most challenging discipline, the NCR enjoys an impressive and above-average tool life and demonstrates maximum process security. Manufacturing companies where these materials have to be machined reliably and efficiently cannot do without a milling cutter like this.