Ceratizit Fullmax solid carbide reamers
Ceratizit, Machining

CERATIZIT Fullmax for high-speed and stable reaming

The Fullmax solid carbide reamers from Ceratizit, have long impressed with their outstanding cutting performance on a range of materials – even on hardened steels up to HRC 62. The new short version of Fullmax is even more stable to use, allowing for higher cutting speeds, with the added advantage of long service life and is even more attractive in terms of price.

The reduced length of the short version of the Fullmax solid carbide reamer offers numerous advantages: Firstly, the tool is very stable and is characterised by low vibration, resulting in up to 10 percent higher cutting speeds in the main application areas of steel and cast iron – ideal for high-speed machining. Feedrates can also be increased by 10 to 20 percent, this combination delivers machining times up to 20 percent faster. In addition, there are better reaming results in terms of surface finish and dimensional accuracy. The tool itself also benefits from reduced friction performance, which is noticeable in the longer service life.

Sophisticated cutting edge pitch

Like the universal standard Fullmax reamers, the short versions are characterised by their specialised high-performance coating and sophisticated cutting edge pitch, which help to reduce chatter marks and improve chip formation. In detail: The unequal division, with cutting edges facing each other in pairs, leads to significantly reduced deviations in circularity and cylinder shapes. The increased angle differences reduce the tendency for the tool to oscillate and form chatter marks. Thanks to the flute shape opening angle adapted to the new pitch, there is sufficient space for optimised chip removal – even on long-chipping materials. This is also helped by the targeted coolant supply, which also provides high-performance cutting-edge cooling. The Fullmax solid carbide reamer short version can be used on all CNC milling and turning centres. However, its short dimensions make it particularly attractive for use on sliding head lathes.

H7 tolerance

The short series Fullmax reamer is available from stock both in H7 tolerance and in 1/100 increments. Dimensions can be individually configured in the diameter range of 2.96 to 20.05 mm. In addition, preferred ranges for diameters 4 to 12 mm and 16 mm are available from stock. A special feature of the Fullmax short series is that reamers with diameters from 15.97 mm upwards are equipped with eight cutting edges instead of the six flutes on smaller diameters. This further improves the roundness of the fit and its surface finish.

Investing in the short version of the solid carbide tool is well worth considering from a financial point of view as well. This is because the substrate savings compared to the standard Fullmax make it more cost-effective to procure. This means that if the machining volume is low, the user will save money from the point of purchase.