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CERATIZIT Unveils Energy-Efficient Production Facility

In mid-April, CERATIZIT provided the international press with an inside look at its production facilities in Germany and Austria. One of the key highlights was the unveiling of the new state-of-the-art, energy-efficient production facility in Kreckelmoos, Reutte. Featuring an innovative energy concept, this facility establishes a solid foundation for a more sustainable future. Spanning production halls, storage and logistics areas, offices, and social spaces for over 300 employees, it represents a cutting-edge approach to manufacturing.

In line with CERATIZIT's corporate goals, the focus during planning was on sustainability, energy efficiency and environmental friendliness to further reduce the company's carbon footprint. "The construction of our new Kreckelmoos site opens up new opportunities for growth, automation and digitalization in the manufacture of our products," declares Simon Jost, Managing Director of CERATIZIT Austria, who is extremely satisfied with the new location.

Maximum energy efficiency and a green roof

An energy-efficient concept was developed for the heating and cooling system, which includes the use of thermal groundwater, heat pumps and photovoltaic systems. The 15,000 square meter extensively greened roof of the production hall also contributes to low energy consumption. In addition, the greenery serves as natural protection against precipitation and improves the air quality in the area.
This modern three-story building is also visually impressive. The visible timber supporting structure made of local spruce is particularly eye-catching. Using this naturally renewable building material has enabled low-emission construction, which perfectly fits in with CERATIZIT's sustainability strategy.

German Design Award 2024

The new production facility was awarded the German Design Award 2024 for Excellent Architecture - a prize that recognizes innovative and sustainable design developments. According to the international jury, Kreckelmoos "stands out as an impressive figurehead for the tool manufacturer" and impressively adapts to the topography of the landscape.