CERATIZIT MNG mini zero point clamping system
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CERATIZIT Unveils Compact Mechanical Zero-Point Clamping System

Machine reference points are indispensable when it comes to precision machining. This is especially true if setup costs and production times need to be minimised for small series manufacturing with a wide range of workpieces. Mechanical and pneumatic zero-point clamping systems have become established tools for this purpose, as they can position, secure and clamp workpieces, equipment and clamping devices quickly and precisely in a single operation. CERATIZIT is thrilled to now release a mechanical MNG mini zero point clamping system—its solution for the efficient and precise machining of small workpieces.

The requirements of state-of-the-art workpiece clamping technology sound quite a bit like wishful thinking. The clamping device needs to clamp the workpiece in place with as little vibration as possible and without deforming it. The setup should allow for high repeatability, be quick and easy to use, versatile, and easy to replace. All of that should be available at a reasonable price. Although these features may sound incompatible at first, mechanical and pneumatic zero point clamping systems like the MNG and the PNG systems from CERATIZIT turn pipe dreams into clamping reality—in one easy-to-use device. The extensive clamping device portfolio has something to offer to meet every need.

Productivity-boosting clamping technology

The ideal workpiece clamping scenario reduces setup times and thus increases productivity. "The benefits of considering workpiece handling at an early stage will be felt immediately: productivity can be increased by at least 30% during clamping and flexible retooling of the clamping technology. This increase can even rise to as high as 90% in individual cases. Using standardised, universal solutions instead of specialised ones also keeps procurement and storage costs down," says Christoph Retter, Product Manager Clamping Systems at CERATIZIT.

But how? Once a reference point has been set on the machine, workpieces, clamping devices and fixtures can be clamped in one operation with accurate repeatability. While the machine is processing one order, further workpieces outside the machine are set up on the respective clamping system. Once an order is finished, the clamping system can be removed, and the next workpiece placed in the zero-point clamping system. The enormous benefit of this is that the machine runs the next program immediately without any downtime in between.

MNG mini delivers maxi performance

Tried-and-tested features of machining large and medium-sized workpieces can now also be used for small parts. With the MNG mini, CERATIZIT is bringing to the market weight-optimized consoles, pyramids and clamping towers with an integrated zero point clamping system for small clamping devices. Base bodies made of hard-anodised aluminium make the mechanical zero point clamping system a cost-effective and lightweight complete solution, which is particularly suitable for pallet handling.

Mechanical zero point clamping systems like the MNG mini can be a real help for anyone whose irritating setup processes when machining small parts are putting cost effectiveness at risk. Non-productive time is reduced to a minimum, as the zero point clamping system makes it much quicker and easier to change vices: simply undo a screw, re-tighten it and then it's ready to go. Insertion forces of 15 kN and tightening torques of 30 Nm result in higher repeatability levels of <0.01 mm and minimise sources of error.

Optimising machine utilisation

A half-full machine is less economical than a full one, so why not clamp several small workpieces at the same time? This is a breeze for the MNG mini. Plus, it helps production companies increase their productivity and maximise the utilisation of their machines by seamlessly moving from one workpiece to the next. This rationalises the workflow and minimises bottlenecks.

For example, clamping towers, pyramids and clamping cubes enable multiple workpieces with the same clamping setup to be machined in parallel. While the machine is still running, another tower outside it can be set up. The complete clamping towers are then exchanged, positioned and secured via the zero point clamping system in no time at all—and so the process goes on.

"Quick changes between large and small workpieces are also no longer a problem. The compatibility of our MNG and PNG systems makes them extremely flexible for our customers so they can process a wide range of orders one after the other in a flash," assures Christoph Retter.

Modular system

The zero point clamping systems from CERATIZIT are extremely versatile and can be tailored to different machine types and applications. Regardless of whether the MNG mini is used for milling, turning or grinding, it provides maximum flexibility and meets all the specific requirements of machining small workpieces. At the same time, it is compatible with the other MNG and PNG systems from CERATIZIT, and thanks to the 52-mm clamping bolt spacing, also with those from other manufacturers. The MNG mini zero point clamping system is available in different versions and boasts a modular design, allowing pyramids, 4-sided pyramids, towers or consoles to be added as desired.