Tschudin Cube 350 grinding machine with cobot automation
Machining, Tschudin

Tschudin automates the grinding of small workpieces with cobot

Tschudin, the Swiss manufacturer of centerless grinding machines, presented a compact Cube 350 grinding machine that is equipped with cobot automation. The patented Cube 350 is a three-axis grinding machine developed specifically for machining small workpieces from 0.1 mm to 20 mm in diameter.

According to Tschudin, the compact, centerless Cube 350 cylindrical grinder, which was awarded the Red Dot design prize, impresses with its ergonomic design. The concept puts the user at the center, aiming to achieve a perfect symbiosis of user-friendliness, simplicity and elegance. Thanks to its clever design, the Cube 350 can be loaded by hand by both right- and left-handers. The movable workpiece support makes the Cube a true all-rounder and expands the process possibilities. Pre- and post-machining in a double cycle and the application of sharp edges, cones, chamfers and radii are among the possibilities.

No hydraulics

The high-precision CNC grinding machine offers a lot, not only in appearance but also technically. The machine is equipped with linear drives and a polymer concrete frame. This achieves high accuracy and (thermal) stability. Also, Tschudin has not brought any form of hydraulics into the machine. By not using components such as hydraulics, ball screws and drive belts, accuracy is way better. Productivity has also been considered. For example, it is possible to quickly convert the machine to a new product. Within just six minutes, both the grinding and control wheels can be changed.


The Cube 350 is designed not only for easy manual loading, but also for automation. As standard, the machine is equipped at the front with a connector for an automation solution. Thus, it is possible to purchase the grinding machine directly with automation, but it is also possible to easily implement automation afterward. The Cube 350 in combination with cobot automation allows low-threshold unmanned production of serial work.

Tschudin Cube 350 grinding machine with small parts
With a cobot, it is possible to easily load the Tschudin Cube 350 grinding machine unmanned with small parts.