Soraluce new head generation
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SORALUCE Introduced New Generation of Heads

Against a backdrop in which industrial sectors require increasingly advanced technology solutions to address their future challenges, SORALUCE recently introduced a new generation of heads.

 Technology leadership is one of the key components of SORALUCE's corporate strategy, and is also an indicator of the company's success. Leadership focusing on higher levels of productivity, better precision, higher efficiency, user-friendliness, ergonomics, safety and profitability, while shortening cycle times, downtime, consumption and emissions. This is the type of progress that makes sense to SORALUCE.

This is the context in which SORALUCE is presenting its New Generation of Heads. With a new sophisticated design, SORALUCE has upped the performance of its extensive head range, achieving power outputs of up to 60 kW, stepping up rpms to 8000, adding new continuous-rotation 5-axis heads, and the new 5-axis fork heads.

This means that SORALUCE is offering the market more than 300 types of standard and customized heads: an extensive range of universal heads, orthogonal heads, multitasking heads, turning heads, fixed horizontal heads, angular heads and modular quills for milling, boring, turning, grinding, drilling, reaming and tapping operations.