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GF Machining Solutions invites to GF Global Solutions Days

In its Strategy 2025, GF Machining Solutions focuses on robust segments, intelligent solutions and customer experience. In line with this, the company is inviting international customers to its first big global event in 2023, the GF Global Solutions Days in Losone (Switzerland) from 28 to 31 March 2023.

The GF Global Solutions Days are taking place in GF Machining Solutions' main production plant for EDM in Losone (Switzerland) according to its motto "Your experience + Our solutions". Each of the four days of the event will be dedicated to a different market region to focus better on the customers' specific needs and offer them presentations in their own language as far as possible. On day one, customers from Asia and the Americas are welcomed; the second day will belong to customers from Europe; the third day to the ones from Austria, Germany and the Benelux Union countries and the last and fourth day to customers from Switzerland, where the company's headquarters are located. Approximately 150 customers are expected per day.

The event starts daily at 9 a.m. with a plenary presentation at Palexpo Locarno by the company's President Ivan Filisetti and the Heads of the Market Regions, followed by live demonstrations and a factory tour at GF Machining Solutions' facility in Zandone (Losone). The facility, which hosts the Sales Company Sales Switzerland and a production plant, has been inaugurated in 2022, after it has undergone significant changes to improve the sustainability of the site and facilitate the exchange between employees. The visitors will have the opportunity to get to know the site at this event while being able to learn more about the presented machines and technologies.

Live demonstrations on GF Machining Solutions machines

A highlight of the event will be the live demonstrations on GF Machining Solutions machines. The demonstrations will be performed on the AgieCharmilles CUT X series and the AgieCharmilles CUT E 600 as well as the AgieCharmilles FORM X series with the WorkPartner 1+ for EDM, the AgieCharmilles LASER P 400 for Laser, and the Mikron MILL S 400 U and the Mikron MILL P 800 U S for Milling. Customers will learn about increasing their productivity in EDM, lead frame machining with Laser and wet graphite machining with Milling.

A field in which GF Machining Solutions has brought about great developments in the last years is Wire-cutting EDM. The CUT X series is the result of over 100 years of experience in EDM, which lead to extreme accuracy and surface quality, while the CUT E 600 is a machine that offers unparalleled efficiency. Especially TurboTech as a new set of cutting technologies can achieve high-speed results. TurboTech is available for different wire types and diameters. It increases the productivity while maintaining a high accuracy standard and reduces the cost per part.

In Die-sinking EDM, the FORM X series guarantees high precision by mastering temperature fluctuations, while the automation with WorkPartner 1+ can add capacity to it.

The Laser engraving, texturing and structuring solution LASER P 400 U combines outstanding quality, efficiency and femtosecond Laser technology in the smallest footprint possible. It is not only suited for Laser texturing; its micromachining capabilities can also satisfy the demand for micro geometries and micro cavities. Laser can substitute traditional technologies or complement technologies like EDM or Milling to help customers increase their productivity and flexibility. At the Global Solution Days, live demonstrations of a lead frame chamfering, a carbide forming tool and an embossing punch in carbide will serve as examples for this.

For Milling, GF Machining Solutions presents the MILL S 400 U, a five-axis machine with which high dynamic, precision and surface finish can be achieved, for both mold and part production. The second milling machine presented at the event will be the MILL P 800 U S, an innovation launched in 2022. This solution delivers intelligent productivity to help customers overcome their challenges and grow according to their needs, with limitless automation possibilities.

Customer experience at the heart of the event

After the live demonstrations and the factory tour showing the EDM production line as well as examples of Milling, Laser and Additive Manufacturing machines, experts in different technologies, Automation, Digital Business and Service + Success will be available for deeper discussions with customers about their particular applications. An evening program will be offered on the days prior to the event to foster exchange with the participants in a more informal setting.

"With the Global Solutions Days, we want to offer our customers the possibility to see all our technologies in one single location and give them the opportunity to speak to experts about their specific challenges", says Ivan Filisetti, President, GF Machining Solutions. "We will focus on their experience to make sure we can add real value to it."

GF Global Solutions Days - plenary introduction
On the first day of the event, Johnson Chen, Head of Market Region China, and Ivan Filisetti, President, GF Machining Solutions, held introductory presentations at Palexpo Locarno.

Positive company results for 2022

GF has recently disclosed its business results for 2022. The strong results show that the approach to focus on sustainable solutions and a well-balanced global footprint has paid off. In 2022, GF's business momentum further accelerated, mainly driven by increasing sales of products and solutions with environmental or social benefits. GF Machining Solutions reached an order intake of CHF 945 million thanks to robust end markets, such as Medical and New Mobility, but also due to a recovering Aerospace industry. Sales increased to CHF 948 million thanks to a good market development in milling applications and strong sales in laser texturing and EDM. Sales of automation solutions also increased significantly and Service + Success remains a solid pillar of the GF division.

GF Machining Solutions will not participate at EMO Hannover 2023, but will focus on improving the customer experience on-site instead, of which this event is an example. The last years have shown that customers can get a far better overview of the company's products and services in its global Centers of Competence (CoCs), production plants and Sales Companies than at busy trade shows. GF Machining Solutions has invested heavily in its digital events, which brought customers together despite the global pandemic, and in its CoCs, where international application teams can show solutions in a real-life environment with more time to answer customers' questions. More customer-centric events will follow during 2023.