GF Machining Solutions AgieCharmilles LASER 400 laser texturing
GF Machining Solutions

AgieCharmilles LASER 400 delivers versatility for easy engraving, texturing, structuring

GF Machining Solutions’ compact, versatile and highly accurate LASER 400 range of three-and five-axis Laser texturing solutions represent the future of texturing. The compact machine concentrates highly accurate performance and repeatable results in a single solution for texturing parts for watches, jewelry, small inserts, cutting tools, and micro machined workpieces.

Infinitely repeatable high performance and quality are the hallmarks of the LASER 400 family of Laser texturing machines. The LASER 40 family offers two different types of machines: the three-axis LASER P 400 and five-axis LASER P 400 U with brushless motor. The machine range concentrates versatility, highly accurate performance and repeatable results.

Whether the application requires engraving, surface texturing or structuring, the LASER 400 range is the answer. The range’s fully digitized texturing process makes it easy to texture, engrave and add functional texture to parts, molds and dies. From design to the finished, error-free workpiece, the digital process takes the guesswork out of texturing, engraving, labeling and marking even complex 3D parts.

Dual laser head

The modular concept of the LASER 400 range includes a patented, all-in-one dual laser head that can combine two laser sources for texturing and engraving the same surface with just one setup. In addition to a fiber nanosecond laser, a femtosecond pulsed laser is available; with femto inside, you get burr-free texturing, extend the range of materials that can be used and open new application fields.

Compact, flexible and easy to automate

The compact machines in the LASER 400 line can easily be transported by elevator and integrated into an existing production line. Texturing efficiency and flexibility are boosted by the machines’ small footprint, ensuring more productivity per square meter. The machines have a generous working area with easy access and process monitoring via two large sliding doors.

The LASER 400 machines from GF Machining Solutions are Automation ready, increasing unattended night and weekend running time is a snap. A system 3R pallet changer can be added to boost efficiency and flexibility. This option is especially useful for parts with shorter machining times.