GF Machining Solutions Inaugurates New Center of Competence in Singapore
GF Machining Solutions

GF Machining Solutions Inaugurates New Center of Competence in Singapore

GF Machining Solutions recently celebrated the inauguration of its new Center of Competence in Singapore, a move strategically significant as Singapore is considered a technological benchmark for several emerging countries in Southeast Asia. During the ceremony, Scott Fosdick, Vice President and Head of Global Sales at GF Machining Solutions, highlighted the importance of the new 6,200 sqft facility, showcasing various capacities of GF Machining Solutions.

The event brought together 120 customers, partners, and the GF Machining Solutions management team from Southeast Asia, offering them an immersive experience with the newly launched facility and cutting-edge technologies on display.

Laser, milling and EDM machines

The new GF Machining Solutions’ competence of center (CoC) displays an impressive array of equipment, including laser, milling and EDM machines such as the LASER S 1000 U, LASER P 400, MILL E 700 U, MILL P 500, CUT F 350, FORM P 350 and FORM P 450, as well as System 3R tools, Service + Success displays, a state-of-the-art quality control testing room and various market segment cut parts. It also boasts a spacious seminar room with a capacity of 80 people to host exciting customer and internal events. The CoC offers the opportunity to carry out live testing, seminars, and training.

“The solutions we develop are designed to give you, our customers, a real competitive advantage in the market”, explained Scott Fosdick in his speech. “Our mindset means that we work closely with you, we try to understand the pains that you are experiencing every day in your workplaces, and we try to overcome the challenges and support you in every stage.”

The event concluded with a comprehensive tour of the facility, giving attendees a firsthand look at the innovative solutions and advanced technologies on display. This opening marks a significant milestone for GF Machining Solutions as it expands its presence in Asia-Pacific, solidifying its commitment to supporting regional and global customers.