DMG Mori Iga Campus with solar roof for self-use and sustainability

DMG MORI plans Japan's largest solar energy system for self-use at Iga Campus

DMG MORI will install a huge solar power system on the roofs of the Iga Campus, the largest production site of the DMG MORI Group. With a roof area of 130,000 m2 and an output of 13,400 kW, it will be the largest solar energy system ever built in Japan for self-use.

The first half of the solar panels will be completed by next year and will provide a capacity of 5,400 kW (5.4 MW) as of February 2023. The second half will be operational in February 2025 and provide an additional 8,000 kW (8.0 MW). Over the total installed capacity of about 13,400 kW (13.4 MW), up to 14 million kWh (14,000 MWh) of solar power is expected to be produced starting in 2025. This corresponds to around 30 percent of the annual electricity demand on the Iga campus, which will reduce CO2 emissions from the production site by around 5,300 tons per year.

Further investments in sustainability

The massive solar offensive at the production site in Iga marks the start of a series of further investments in sustainable infrastructure. For example, it was recently decided to also comprehensively equip DMG MORI's plants in Nara, Japan, and Davis, USA, with solar cells.

The recently published measures fit seamlessly into the consistent sustainability strategy of the entire DMG MORI Group. It is based on a triad of avoidance, reduction and compensation. The CO2-neutral “Company Carbon Footprint” and “Product Carbon Footprint” are considered milestones here. This includes direct and indirect emissions from the company's own value creation as well as indirect emissions from upstream processes along the supply chain. Energy experts refer to this as Scope 1, 2 and 3 upstream. In concrete terms, this means that, among other things, all machines delivered since January 2021 have been produced in a completely climate-neutral manner.