DMG MORI, Software

CELOS from DMG MORI marks the beginning of a new era

CELOS from DMG Mori is as easy and intuitive to use as a smartphone. CELOS simplifies and accelerates the process from the idea to the finished product and also forms the basis of paperless manufacturing. In addition, CELOS APPs provide the user with integrated and digitized management, documentation and visualization of order, process and machine data. As well as the above, CELOS is also compatible with PPS and ERP systems and can be linked to CAD / CAM applications and is designed to work with other forward-looking CELOS APPs.

At first glance, CELOS provides the user with a uniform operator interface with multi-touch functionality. But CELOS is much more than this and can do much more. Of crucial additional benefit to the customer are various CELOS APPs such as JOB MANAGER or JOB ASSISTANT.

The STATUS MONITOR is the starting point for the interaction between the operator and the machine. Here, CELOS displays up-to-date monitoring of the machine and process. It supplies important key performance indicators for the current order as well as for the order progress. Moreover, it notifies the operator with special icons as well as text messages of any errors, problems or upcoming required maintenance work.

JOB MANAGER and JOB ASSISTANT support the machine operator with regard to network-integrated planning, preparation, optimization and systematic processing of new machining jobs.

First of all, all production-related data for the NC program, workpiece, tools, clamping devices, etc. can be combined to form a machining job and instantly visualized with the JOB MANAGER. All documents, data and information required for an order can also be managed in a structured way. For example, the data can be quickly accessed during later processing or obtained from a repeat order.

With JOB ASSISTANT, the digitally prepared orders can be systematically processed at a later stage. In this process, first of all, the availability of all NC programs and equipment (tooling, fixtures, etc.) required for machining is checked. The operator is then guided through the setup process and preparation of the machining job by a dialog. Appropriate queries and necessary confirmations ensure that the machine operator makes no mistakes. Only then is the go-ahead given to start machining. This ensures highly reliable manufacturing, even for more complex orders or more complicated components.

Excellent scalability of CELOS

Apart from the advantages for the user, the integrated interaction of JOB MANAGER and JOB ASSISTANT also demonstrates the excellent scalability of CELOS for very different company sizes. Small companies with a high level of personal operator responsibility particularly benefit from the option of paperless production. On the other hand, already widely networked large companies can optimally organize and use the different competencies of their employees by means of these two CELOS production applications. This is because a skilled worker can first single-handedly prepare all orders in the JOB MANAGER. The machine operator is then instructed and guided in detail by the JOB ASSISTANT. The respective access rights can be organized via the customizable status. Each employee must log in at the 21.5’’ ERGOline with a SMARTkey.

In all, 12 different CELOS APPs are currently available and can be started centrally via the APP SELECTOR. These also include the CONTROL APP. With this CELOS APP, DMG  MORI provides its customers with the option to switch to the usual control environment of the CNC concerned by tapping once on the appropriate icon on the multi-touch screen of the 21.5” ERGOline. The CONTROL APP is available with controls from SIEMENS (with OPERATE 4.5 on Sinumerik 840D solutionline) and Mitsubishi (with MAPPS V).