The Heidenhain Digital Shop Floor offers single-source software solutions for the entire production chain
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Digital Shop Floor from Heidenhain enhances CNC machining

The Digital Shop Floor from Heidenhain delivers practical solutions and competent services for complete digitalization, providing 360° of insight into manufacturing environments. Along with its familiar StateMonitor and PlantMonitor solutions, Heidenhain recently introduced two new software tools: JobManager for job planning and PartCalculator for easy estimation of production times and costs.

JobManager for streamlined job planning

JobManager is a new Digital Shop Floor software solution from Heidenhain for precise job planning. Equipped with this software, users can easily manage and edit the job data required for detailed job planning, enjoying a clear overview over all created jobs. Operators can sort and filter the job list as desired, as well as update or add information to a job at any time. Links to job-related documentation such as CAD data or technical drawings can also be added to the job data.

Job and workflow data can also be added and edited, including planned setup times, part production times and transport durations. This workflow data can then be assigned to the appropriate machine. Users benefit from a clear overview over the current utilization of their machines, allowing them to estimate the delivery date for new jobs. They can also react flexibly to sudden planning changes. The transparent planning made possible by JobManager even enables improved machine utilization.

PartCalculator for time and cost estimation

The new PartCalculator software allows users to analyze the 3D models and technical drawings of milled parts. Based on the analyzed part features, PartCalculator estimates the production time and manufacturing cost, thereby supporting the quoting process early on through CAD data and technical drawings.

During analysis, PartCalculator extracts part features and production-relevant information such as tolerances and thread sizes. The user only needs to enter the material and quantity, along with any relevant optional information such as rework processes. PartCalculator then provides the production time in minutes and the production cost in euros per part, thereby supporting fast and reliable price estimation for CNC-milled parts.

Collect, analyze and visualize machine data

The StateMonitor software gives manufacturers real-time insight into the production status of their CNC machines. StateMonitor collects, analyzes and visualizes machine data, allowing users to run perfect analyses of machine statuses, tool data, NC program durations, PLC signals and other machine-related data. This information can then be used to uncover optimization potential. Here are the new features due to appear in the fall of 2022:

  • Comparison of the tools available in the machine with the tools required by the NC program, creating a list of the tools still needed
  • FOCAS interface for FANUC controls
  • Greater possibilities for automatic machine-status editing based on defined rules

Heidenhain has created a way for multiple instances of StateMonitor to be analyzed: the new PlantMonitor software. This solution networks machines across separate buildings and production sites, giving users greater ability to react to changes and implement long-lasting optimization. PlantMonitor does this by displaying and analyzing data from different instances of StateMonitor in real-time. And as with all solutions from Heidenhain, the user’s data sovereignty is paramount. Users enjoy full control over their data and its usage.