Kennametal Tool Library for Mastercam
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New Kennametal Tool Library Available for Mastercam

NC Software has collaborated with Kennametal to provide customers with the ability to access tooling data for Kennametal brand drills and solid carbide end mills directly in the Mastercam tool library on their Tech Exchange.

Mastercam developers worked closely with Kennametal to enable users to import data on their most versatile and high-performance cutting tools, including GOdrill and Kenna Universal solid carbide drills and a selection of HARVI and KOR end mills directly into Mastercam. The integration allows Mastercam customers to save significant time searching for desired tools and building tool assemblies.

Kennametal tool libraries on Mastercam

“We are excited to offer these high-performance drills and endmills from Kennametal in a native Mastercam tool library format and make it available to our user base of over 300,000,” said Stas Mylek, Partnership Program Manager, CNC Software, LLC. “The collaborative effort between both companies provides Mastercam users easy and integrated access to the latest cutting tools from Kennametal,” Mylek continued.

Mastercam’s Maintained users can download the cutting tool libraries from the Mastercam Tech Exchange portal on their website. The native Mastercam tool database is fully compatible with Mastercam 2022 and the latest Mastercam 2023 release.

“The integration of our tooling data within Mastercam’s library digitizes Kennametal innovation and productivity, making it easier for customers to identify tooling requirements, build machining strategies, and ultimately purchase our tools,” said Eddie McBarnet, Vice President Marketing, Kennametal. “Our digital tooling data, in combination with the powerful Mastercam software, will enable hundreds of thousands of customers to quickly find solutions to their toughest machining challenges and be more productive and efficient using Kennametal tooling.”