KSM, Machining

Clean and oil-free machining with Aquaslide cooling lubricant

KSM, a supplier of industrial lubricants, is launching a new cooling lubricant concept under the name Aquaslide, which allows for clean and oil-free machining. This new water-based technology helps machining companies comply with the increasingly strict cleanliness requirements imposed by end customers.

Recent tests at KSM partners in the high-tech industry reveal that the use of Aquaslide yields improvements on three fronts. Workpieces end up cleaner after treatment without molecular contaminants (HIO elements). The machines themselves become less contaminated and the work environment also remains cleaner and therefore safer. Aquaslide maximizes machining performance at the lowest cleaning cost in an environment that is clean and safe for operators.

Triple clean machining

The triple benefit that Aquaslide offers companies in the machining industry has everything to do with the product’s robust cleaning power. Xavier Keulen-Thomassen (KSM General Manager) explains: “Aquaslide doesn’t contain any oil or hydrocarbons. Normally speaking, these ingredients produce small molecular contaminants. When using Aquaslide, anything you don’t put in at the start of the process you won’t need to take out at the end. It makes your cleaning process faster and simpler. This saves time and money, both when cleaning between process steps and for the final cleaning. Your workpiece will meet the cleanliness requirements set by a client, whether these are Grade 2, Grade 1 or equivalent.”

Cleaner is cheaper

Extensive practical testing of Aquaslide has demonstrated that various locations in and around the machines remain cleaner. Less contamination not only results in fewer machine malfunctions and disruptions to the machining process, but it also yields cost savings. “This can be easily explained,” Xavier Keulen-Thomassen continues. “Aquaslide is water-based, so no oil mists or other oil-related contaminants are produced. This means companies won’t need additional investments in oil filters or an extraction unit, for example. Because no greasy layer is formed on or around the machine, they can also extend the intervals between cleaning runs.”

Cleaner is safer

Aquaslide is both oil-free and ester-free, and does not contain any substances that are harmful to employees. It is a clean water-based product, which also makes it a safe product. As a result, skin contact with or inhalation of Aquaslide does not cause skin irritation, eye irritation or respiratory problems. It does not make floors slippery either, as there is no precipitating oil mist. Aquaslide minimizes the risk of slipping and injury.