3nine Alma 500 oil mist separator
3nine, Machining

3nine launches compact Alma 500 oil mist separator

3nine introduced the Oil Mist Eliminator Alma as the latest addition to its well-proven Blue line product series. The Alma oil mist eliminator is a heavy lifter in a small format. It was designed to keep the air clean on applications with considerable amounts of solid particles and with an airflow up to 500m3.

With an oil mist eliminator from 3nine you know what to expect – clean air, minimal filter change, reuse your oil/coolant, and it’s self-cleaning. With the release of Alma 3nine ensures the same efficiency and reliability, in a smaller format.

How it works

The 3nine oil mist eliminators are based on advanced separation technology. Instead of collecting the oil mist/aerosols in a filter media, we separate them from the air and return the fluid for reuse. Our permanent media works effectively on wet applications to separate 99.9% of all the particles down to 1 μm, leaving only a small percentage for the final stage HEPA filter. This translates to very few filter changes and more valuable time spent on production.

Alma is designed for direct mounting on top, to the side, or on a stand near the machine tool. This conserves floor space, minimizes unnecessary pipework, and simplifies machine tool relocation as production requirements evolve.

Clean Air for everyone

The air that we breathe affects us in so many ways. It is essential to our wellbeing and to our performance. Keeping the air clean on your premises is one of the most critical issues to address for you and your staff. With the oil mist eliminator Alma from 3nine, you can ensure clean air even with the most difficult applications such as grinding and machining of cast iron.