BIG Kaiser Hydraulic Chuck Lathe Type B for Swiss type turning machines

BIG KAISER Expands Its Range of Precision Hydraulic Chucks

BIG KAISER launched the new Hydraulic Chuck Lathe Type B, specifically designed for Swiss-type turning machines. This addition broadens BIG KAISER's extensive range of hydraulic chucks, underscoring our dedication to precision and innovation.

Hydraulic Chucks are renowned for their precise lathe operations, offering exceptional repeatability and damping capabilities. Compatible with leading automatic Swiss type turning machine brands, including Citizen, Star, Tsugami, and Tornos, these chucks facilitate safe and swift cutting tool changes with a simple Allen-key, significantly enhancing operational efficiency and safety. The Type B is optimized for select Star Micronics machines. With a repeatability of less than 1 μm, this new addition features a rectangular design and multiple tool rows to accommodate the compact size of these machines. The design minimizes interference and enhances machining capabilities in space-constrained setups.

The Hydraulic Chuck Lathe Type B expands BIG KAISER's lineup, adding to the Standard, F, and R Types with its tailored adaptability for unique machine requirements. The Standard model offers front tool clamping, the F Type allows rear operation in tight spaces, and the R Type, with its square shape, suits setups needing multiple tool rows without interference. The versatility of the B Type (SL22B) and R Type (SL22R) chucks allows for their use in a broad array of Star machines, providing customers with the flexibility to choose the optimal chuck for their specific applications. The B Type is particularly suited for machines with a single-level tool post, while the R Type caters to dual-level posts, offering a tailored solution for every machine configuration.

Giampaolo Roccatello, Chief Sales & Marketing Officer for Europe at BIG KAISER, reflects on the company's 30-year history of hydraulic chuck production: “Since unveiling our first hydraulic chuck in 1994, we've consistently contributed to advancements in precision hydraulic chuck technology. Each chuck undergoes two thorough manual inspections before leaving our factory, ensuring it meets the highest quality standards.” The B Type Hydraulic Chuck, along with the Standard, F, and R Types, is now available