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Sustainable Tools From Mapal Are Lead-Free

MAPAL attaches importance to the production of sustainable tools and this claim also includes accessories and supplementary products. Traditionally made from brass, sealing rings for flanges and adapters are characterised by their high resistance to physical stress and excellent corrosion resistance.

Sealing rings are used to manually close the clamping bore on HSK spindles and adapters and protect them against the ingress of dirt. However, like the associated holding screws, conventional brass products contain small amounts of lead, the release of which can have harmful effects on the ecosystem. Consequently, many countries introduced strict regulations to minimise the release of lead into the environment.

Environmentally friendly alternative

In response to the REACH regulation - the European Chemicals Regulation for the Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals, which regulates the use of lead and imposes an obligation to inform users, MAPAL decided to go a step beyond the legal requirements. The company subjected its products to a critical review and looked for alternative solutions. In the meantime, new production of sealing rings and holding screws has been switched to environmentally friendly materials.

Product improved - performance increased

During the material changeover, MAPAL also focussed on technical product improvements. Thanks to these, the maximum speed of the sealing rings could be increased by up to 100 per cent. An additional anodised layer applied to the rings, visible through the blue colour, effectively protects them against corrosion. The fatigue strength of the sealing rings is also guaranteed in the new version and remains at the usual high level. The interchangeability of the rings is ensured.