Hainbuch Docklock zero-point clamping system
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Hainbuch expands quick change-over portfolio with Docklock zero-point clamping system

To strengthen its position further in the area of stationary systems, Hainbuch, the manufacturer of high-precision clamping devices, has acquired the Docklock zero-point clamping system from Vischer & Bolli AG in Switzerland.

The Docklock system has been on the market for more than 20 years and its reputation in the stationary workholding field has been long established. Its features and user benefits match perfectly with Hainbuch's product philosophy. The products must be easy to use, process-optimizing, easy to set up, long-lasting and absolutely precise. Hainbuch has been offering quick change-over systems or zero-point clamping systems for lathes for many years, and now it is expanding its capabilities in the area of stationary systems. The four variants of the Docklock system now have Hainbuch branding. Both pneumatic and hydraulic variants are available for either manual or automated change-over.

More than just quick change-over

The Hainbuch Docklock zero-point clamping system has two decisive advantages over other systems. The first is the form fit clamping with a collet or clamping segments, ensuring stiff clamping and higher repeatability. This also means that there are no pressure marks on the clamping bolt compared to systems with balls or slides, which lead to inaccuracies and consequently the need to replace the clamping bolts. Secondly, it is impervious to dirt and swarf which means less wear and less maintenance.

The base plate, which is screwed 1/3 onto the machine table, provides the base for a quick change-over. The zero-point repeatability is ≤ 0.005 mm without alignment. The clamping device combined with the Docklock, can be changed over in two minutes. The zero-point clamping system thus produces enormous savings in terms of production time and cost. Using the interface, setup can be performed outside the machine, thus avoiding lost production. The collet chuck lock ensures trouble-free insertion and removal of the workpiece pallets. Direct installation on machine tables, pallets or fixtures can be implemented cost-effectively by means of flanged cylinders. This is also significantly less expensive than a plate changer or a machine table change-over.

The Docklock zero-point clamping system in the hydraulic version for manual change-over
The Docklock zero-point clamping system in the hydraulic version for manual change-over

Automated change-over

The form fit clamping and power transmission design features are identical to the Docklock for manual change-over. The same applies to the change-over time and zero-point repeatability. In addition, an automatic shutter at the clamping point prevents the ingress of dirt and swarf. This ensures even less wear and less maintenance. It also has as standard features, contact control, air-blast support islands, and piston monitoring for a safe automated process.

Hainbuch Docklock zero-point clamping system automated chang-over
Automated change-over with the Docklock AC zero-point clamping system.