SPAENER Let’s Produce allows suppliers to become more visible to potential customers.
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SPAENER lets suppliers promote their skills and machines – Start Today

SPAENER has launched a new online platform for the manufacturing industry. ‘SPAENER Let’s Produce’ allows suppliers to become more visible to potential customers. Planners, engineers and OEMs looking for a suitable manufacturer for their workpieces can quickly find the right partner on the platform using extensive filters.

SPAENER is a comprehensive search engine for the manufacturing industry, which can be used to find manufacturing companies specialized in machining, sheet metal working or additive manufacturing. These main categories are further divided into different machining technologies such as, for example, five-axis milling, laser cutting or powder bed printing. Using various filters, a search can be specified even better. How big is the workpiece, what material does it consist of, what is the batch size, in which industry are the workpieces used (aerospace, automotive, etc.), which certifications must a supplier comply with and so on. With these filters, SPAENER comes up with a perfect selection of suppliers.

Transition to better findability

Tim Wentink, founder of SPAENER says: "I have been active as a technical journalist in the manufacturing industry for many years now. During the many reports I have done with suppliers and manufacturers, I always noticed that companies do relatively little marketing. When a company buys a new machining centre, for example, the reasoning is often that they have to rely on word-of-mouth advertising to get new production orders. I understand all too well that companies in the manufacturing industry prefer to invest in technical staff rather than marketing or salespeople. However, we have entered a time where a good online presence is essential. People have become used to finding a solution quickly and easily online and no longer look to national borders and familiar paths. The manufacturing industry will also move in this direction. The new generation that has grown up with computers is poised to take the reins. With the SPAENER platform, we are enabling the transition to better online findability for the manufacturing industry."


SPAENER is a low-threshold platform where supply and demand are brought together without platform intervention. "You see more initiatives of platforms that are getting in between supply and demand. This brings all kinds of challenges, especially with the increase in NDAs. SPAENER allows companies to do business directly with each other without a third party in between. That was a key requirement during development." Furthermore, the platform is designed to be user-friendly. This means that a company looking for a supplier does not have to first create a profile on the platform to make contact or be redirected to the supplier's website.

Search engine for the manufacturing industry

From today, suppliers and manufacturers can create a profile on SPAENER for a small yearly fee. A profile displays all important information. For example, there is enough space for a comprehensive company description with contact details, and the complete machinery with all corresponding machine specifications can be integrated. This is a crucial feature of the platform, as members are found based on the machine specifications entered. "With SPAENER Let’s Produce you don't initially look for companies, but you search for machine tools that fit your workpiece," says Wentink.

Suppliers and manufacturers can start today