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SLM Solutions is paving the Way for a Remote Printing Reality

Additive manufacturing pioneer SLM Solutions and 3D printing software developer Assembrix jointly announce the successful integration of the Assembrix VMS software with SLM Solutions machines across the globe. This new partnership meets the growing demand by OEMs for secure distributed additive manufacturing and enables the creation of a reliable, international AM ecosystem with new opportunities across the entire value chain.

The Assembrix VMS platform enables remote printing on SLM machines while maintaining the highest security standards so that OEMs can work remotely and still have complete ownership of the fully automated printing process. A real-time data feed keeps customers updated on the printing status, while advanced encryption technology ensures IP protection.

Lior Polak, CEO of Assembrix, comments: "We are excited to partner with SLM Solutions and offer our clients an end-to-end solution for secured distributed additive manufacturing that works seamlessly with SLM Solutions' 3D printers. The need to remotely control the additive manufacturing process with both existing and new suppliers is rapidly growing by manufacturers from multiple industries and locations. With Assembrix's powerful platform, SLM Solutions can create groundbreaking business opportunities for customers and other key players in the additive manufacturing industry."

Sam O'Leary, CEO of SLM Solutions, adds: "The Assembrix integration allows our customers to take advantage of a completely secure remote printing process while further driving the optimization of their global supply chains. It fits perfectly to our open architecture strategy, enabling and empowering our customers to do more, achieve more, and be more successful."

The collaboration enhances SLM Solutions' growing software and service solutions while significantly adding to its industry-leading hardware portfolio.