OPEN MIND hyperMILL CAD/CAM for Mold and Die
Open Mind, Software

OPEN MIND features hyperMILL applications for Mold Making at Moulding Expo

OPEN MIND will be exhibiting at Moulding Expo 2023 (13–16 June 2023, Stuttgart) in Exhibition Hall 1 at Booth D42. The software house will be showcasing its hyperMILL CAD/CAM suite as an end-to-end tool and mold-making solution at the exhibition. This software covers aspects like electrode manufacturing and wire EDM, features that make it attractive to industrial users. hyperMILL 2023, the most recent version of the solution, also includes several intriguing new functions.

To avoid problems during the molding process, it is necessary to create sharp corners at the junction of the upper and lower halves of the mold in all machining operations. An automatic tangent extension function makes manual CAD steps to extend the numerous surface elements in complex designs redundant. The OPEN MIND software also includes a new feature for advanced milling surface extension in the ‘3D shape plane finishing’ and ‘3D profile finishing’ strategies. With it, surface extensions are not created unless they are suitable from a process perspective. This allows users to reliably protect sharp edges and subdivide machining zones with ease, guaranteeing high surface qualities in combination with the ‘Soft overlap’ option.

Toolpaths for halfpipes

The ‘5-axis halfpipe finishing’ strategy makes it easy to program high-quality toolpaths for grooves and tubes with any cross-section along an arched guide curve. A wide range of applications are made possible with this strategy. This includes, for example, applications for molds and dies with a tool axis pointing preferentially in the direction of demolding, for cylinders and flanges with a radial tool axis, and for geometries with variable accessibility. Machining operations for these geometries can be easily programmed and executed with a high surface quality and level of precision.