Schunk TANDEM3 3-jaw clamping force block
Schunk, Tooling

Schunk offers three jaws clamping force block

High clamping force and accuracy simultaneously with a compact design - are the characteristics of all Tandem3 clamping force blocks. This makes them the ideal companion for process-reliable workpiece clamping in confined spaces. Various pneumatic interrogation functions, optional clamping force amplification for pneumatic actuation and a comprehensive range of accessories make them perfectly suited for automated use in the metal cutting industry. This makes the Tandem3 clamping force block the ideal companion for small and extremely large batch sizes in all industries.

Four variants for cylindrical clamping

The new 3-jaw clamping force block is another module for stationary clamping of cylindrical workpieces for the Tandem3 series. Even force distribution ensures secure and repeatable clamping. Like its 2-jaw counterpart, it also comes with a sophisticated lubrication system that ensures high efficiency and constant clamping forces. The optimized external contour ensures controlled diversion of chips and means the workpiece is easily accessible in any machining operation. Additional cover plugs prevent the clogging of chip clusters. The clamping device is available in pneumatic (KRP3), hydraulic (KRH3), spring-loaded (KRF3) versions and in an electric version (KRE3) soon too. Integrated monitoring functions make the centric clamping vise ideally suited for use in automated machine loading. In this way, the base jaw position can be queried via dynamic pressure or the workpiece locating surface reliably checked during automated loading. With the aid of standardised console plates, the vises can be quickly and easily mounted on the machine table or the VERO-S quick-change pallet system.

The 3-jaw clamp from Schunk is available in four sizes from 100 to 250 as a standard or long-stroke version. Its clamping force ranges from 18 to 66.5 kN. With its extensive modular system and versatile range of accessories comprising chuck jaws, fixing and monitoring options, SCHUNK offers clamping solutions for every application.