Seco Tools Hydraulic Chucks
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Seco hydraulic chucks and reduction sleeves take the hassle out of tool holding

Manufacturers must overcome specific machining challenges cost-effectively. With this goal in mind, Seco offers its comprehensive range of Hydraulic Chucks and accompanying Reduction Sleeves in three versions, each able to accommodate several tool shank size variations for reduced tooling inventory. With 360° tool-shank holding strength and precise centering, the Hydraulic Chucks and Expansion Sleeves ensure reliability, exceptional machining performance and maximized tool life.

For simple, easy-to-use, versatile tool holding, the three versions of Seco Hydraulic Chucks include the HC Conventional, HCR Reinforced and the HCS Slim. The HC Conventional version delivers precision holding for drilling, reaming and light milling. As a universal solution, the HCR Reinforced version provides effective holding for all applications from HSM to HPM and for all tool shank types like Cylindrical, Weldon and Whistle Notch. The HCS Slim holder version is ideal for accessing deep, narrow part cavities during 5-axis machining at high speeds.

“Complicated tool holding systems not only require special care and training to avoid operator injury, they add extra time and costs,” said Seco Product Manager Yves Heitz. “Seco Hydraulic Chucks and Reduction Sleeves eliminate the risk as well as any extra maintenance to allow users to get in the cut faster while gaining tool holding versatility with less required tooling.”

For added flexibility to accommodate a wide range of cutting tool sizes, 05FHC slotted Reduction Sleeves for the Hydraulic Chucks allow one holder to handle various shank diameters. They provide through-tool or peripheral cooling capabilities and work with either metric or inch-size tools.

Low runout and high precision

According to Heitz, at high spindle speeds, controlling tool holder runout is imperative. When machining at speeds up to 25,000 rpm for example, Seco Hydraulic Chucks and Expansion Sleeves minimize runout and the vibration it causes. Users gain worry-free tool holding without the added cost of specialty holders.

To keep vibration under control, Seco Hydraulic Chucks incorporate internal reservoirs in which oil generates strong 360° tool clamping forces and acts as a natural vibration-dampening system – engaged with the simple turn of a hex screw. Additionally, reduction sleeves compress uniformly and completely around tool shanks for precise centering and holding strength.

The slotted reduction sleeves come in sealed and peripherical coolant versions, and the Hydraulic Chucks support all Seco round tools. The holders are compatible with all common machine tool spindle interfaces, including HSK, DIN, BT, BT Taper/face, CAT, CAT

Taper/face and cylindrical straight shanks. Metric shank tools clamp directly in chuck IDs, while inch shanks are held through use of the reduction sleeves.