The Hermle RS 05 robot system helps to significantly enhance machine cycles
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Enhance machine cycles with the Hermle RS 05 robot system

The RS 05 robot system from Hermle can be adapted to the C 12, C 22 and C 32 machining centres and is designed to supply machining centres with workpiece blanks or pallets. The RS 05 robot system helps to significantly enhance machine cycles, particularly in the fields of medical technology, precision mechanics and electrode manufacturing.

Three different storage units

The small and compact RS 05 robot system has been developed for three different storage units in order to meet the various needs and requirements of each and every customer.

  1. The "single matrix" consists of two individual pre-milled matrices that can hold various blanks and are located directly at the foot of the robot.
  2. The "lifting storage" can be loaded with up to 16 stacked matrices. Each pallet can have a unique design, thus offering an unbelievably diverse range of parts.
  3. The "circular storage" consists of several circular depositing pockets for pallets or workpieces. The pockets are arranged one above the other around the robot.

All three units utilise the same robot which conveys blanks or pallets weighing up to 10 kg into the working area of the machining centre and returns finished workpieces to the storage. The robot additionally moves matrices to and from the lifting storage by utilising a push-pull system adapted to the gripper for extracting and reinserting matrices at the lifting storage.

The robot can be equipped with either a single or double gripper and also comes with a blow-off unit for cleaning the clamping device.

Small footprint

All three versions of the robot system require just 2 m2 of space next to the machiningcentre and thus offer great additional benefit with a very small footprint. A setup station designed as just a door (single matrix), as a slide-in unit (lifting storage) or as a rotatable station (circular storage) is used to insert and remove blanks/workpieces at the respective storage. A robot control panel is also "parked" next to the setup station and can be taken along to the working area during set-up.

Hermle Automation-Control-System (HACS)

Thanks to the Hermle Automation-Control-System (HACS), Hermle now also offers its own automation software for a robot system. HACS has been used successfully for a number of years with Hermle pallet change and handling systems.
An additional pivotable control panel has been adapted to the setup station. The easy-to-use and intuitive user interface with "drag and drop" functionality facilitates daily operating procedures. The operator always has a full overview of all the tasks taking place. This ensures the most failure-free production possible. The clear structure and simple layout of the system help to prevent errors. In addition, HACS can be used without a Windows computer and requires no fee-based interfaces. HACS is fully integrated into its work environment. The software is intuitive to operate and all relevant data can be seen at a glance on the setup station and on the machine control: system overviews, work schedules, pallets, sequence plan, tasks and tool table. All workpieces are automatically ranked in the sequence plan as soon as they are set up. The definition of orders can be changed at any time to affect priority and therefore the order of machining. It is also possible to resort the sequence plan with drag and drop.

Facts about the RS 05 robot system

Robot: 6-axis industrial robot

Carrying capacity: Up to 10 kg

Gripper: Double gripper for ITS 50 pallets and workpieces

Pallet storage: single matrix, lifting storage, circular storage

Robot control panel: for robot setting mode

Operating software: HACS