Hermle shows a 3D model of the new production facility in Gosheim

Hermle expands production facilities

The upward extension of internal machining manufacturing sees the ceiling height of one of Hermle's oldest production facilities rising from 5.00 m to 12.50 m. This is necessary in order to accommodate ever larger production plants.

The first step involves creating a new building envelope over the existing halls 6, 8a and 11, a feat that will be accomplished in just three weeks during the 2016 company break. The following months will be used for installation work and the implementation of technical systems (air conditioning, electrical wiring, compressed air pipes, chip disposal, etc.). It is planned to complete these tasks by the summer of 2017 and to remove the old building sections (which up until this point will continue to protect production processes) during the 2017 summer holidays. This construction phase will continue without interrupting production. Extensive foundation works are also currently being carried out for a new large-scale machining centre for internal machining manufacturing.

Some facts about the new production facility

Length: approx. 66 m

Width:  approx. 37 m

Surface area (ground floor): approx. 2330 m²

Reconstructed space (without a plant room): approx. 30,300 m³

Plant room: approx. 700 m²

Plant room: approx. 3700 m³

Internal height: approx. 12.50 m

Total height (incl. plant room): approx. 18.80 m

Hermle production facility - internal machining manufacturing
A section of internal machining manufacturing at Hermle

New four-hectare site in Rottweil

In order to pave the way for future growth, Hermle will acquire a roughly four-hectare site in Rottweil this year, not far from the company's headquarters in Gosheim. The idea is to create additional production capacities. The main criterion for acquiring the new land was that, in contrast to the existing premises in Gosheim, it is located in an industrial estate and thus not subject to any building restrictions. Furthermore, it offers good access to the local motorway network. A total investment of approximately €8 million in the new site over the next two years was agreed by the supervisory board during its last meeting.