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DN Solutions Continues to Expand its Presence in Europe

DN Solutions has used EMO 2023 in Hanover to announce several important steps for the company and the European market. The machine tool manufacturer wants to reduce its carbon footprint with the help of a new "Net Zero" plan. The group also presented plans for its first R&D Centre in Europe

In June this year, the world's third-largest CNC machine tool manufacturer completed its first (German-European) Tech Centre in Dormagen, North Rhine-Westphalia. Even before the official opening to customers in November, DN Solutions CEO W.J. Kim announced the next step in the company's European expansion. "In the past, our parent company DN Automotive has had excellent experience with an R&D centre in Germany combined with the competence of European engineers," said W.J. Kim, making the announcement at EMO. "For this reason, we are planning to open our R&D centre in Germany, which will focus on the development of new, regionally specialised products as well as the strengthening of digitalisation, such as the digital twin which we also presented with DVF 5000 at our EMO and with SMX 2100 in Siemens booth.”  The opening of the first centre in Europe is an important step for DN Solution and underlines the machine tool manufacturer's confidence in the European market.

Research and development in South Korea

DN Solutions opened its first and only R&D centre in South Korea in 2008. Several hundred employees research and develop the latest technologies in the industry. The facility enables the machine tool manufacturer to respond quickly to the changing challenges and trends in the industry and to help shape them. On-site experts develop and test new products and solutions and adapt them to specific customer needs. The European market is now set to benefit from this successful strategy. Plans for DN Solutions' second R&D centre are already well advanced. Personnel and business strategy have been announced and the location will be selected in the coming month. Several locations in Germany are currently under discussion.

“Net Zero” by 2050

In addition to announcing the new R&D centre, DN Solutions also focused on the environment. CEO W.J. Kim announced the new "Net Zero" campaign of the world's third-largest machine tool manufacturer. The aim is to minimise the Group's carbon footprint by 2050. The company plans to announce further details in the coming months. At EMO, DN Solutions already presented energy-saving systems such as the fog-free solution for oil mist separation and the power consumption monitoring system. Furthermore, 8 types of automation such as NHP 5000 with RPS (Round Pallet System) and DVF 4000 with AWC (Automatic Workpiece Changer) were exhibited.