RoboJob Displayed 14 Automation Solutions at EMO Hannover 2023
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RoboJob Displayed 14 Automation Solutions at EMO Hannover 2023

RoboJob can look back on a highly successful participation at the EMO trade fair in Hanover, which was held from 18 to 23 September 2023. The specialist in machine automation displayed no less than 14 advanced automation solutions there that made a lasting impression on visitors from all over the world.

There were many showpieces at RoboJob's stand, but the Tower and the latest addition - the 'DIY' Coby CNC system - in particular attracted most of the attention. These two systems have enabled RoboJob to push the boundaries of automation technology in recent years. Coby CNC, for instance, is the first 'Do-it-Yourself' (DIY) automation system that can be purchased online and installed by the customer independently. At a time when investments are given more thorough consideration, there appears to be a great deal of interest in them.

Alongside Coby CNC, RoboJob proudly presented the Mill-Assist Essential with HWR clamp loading module, as well as a Turn-Assist 200 i. "Our Tower was obviously essential too," CEO Helmut De Roovere reflects. "We spared neither time nor effort to add numerous new features to the Tower, including the new servo gripper and the new SCHUNK KSP-BWA changeover system. This enables us to offer our customers even more possibilities and greater autonomy on their CNC machines."

Ten additional systems

But the excitement did not stop at RoboJob's booth alone. The company broadened its reach by displaying ten additional systems on the stands of leading CNC machine builders such as Emco, Mazak, Okuma, Smec and Victor. These strategic partners made it possible to introduce a wider audience to RoboJob's advanced automation technology.

The EMO trade fair provided a unique opportunity for RoboJob to connect with customers and partners from around the world. The event was a vibrant hub of networking, knowledge sharing and making new contacts. Several systems were successfully sold during the exhibition, thus confirming RoboJob's position as a preferred partner in the automation industry.

"We are immensely satisfied with the positive response we received from all corners at EMO Hanover 2023,” De Roovere reflects proudly. "It was not only an opportunity to demonstrate our advanced automation solutions, but also to connect with our customers and partners from different countries. We look forward to building on these relationships and will continue to work on innovative automation solutions that move our industry forward."