Mazak Ultraspindle for ultra high-speed superfinishing
Machining, Yamazaki Mazak

Mazak Ultraspindle delivers affordable superfinishing

Mazak’s Ultraspindle is an ultra high-speed electro-spindle, available in either 60,000 or 80,000 rpm variants. The Ultraspindle is fully integrated into the CNC and can be automatically loaded in-cycle from the ATC.

As the Ultraspindle can be purchased as a separate unit, it is a cost-effective solution for superfinishing operations, especially compared to a high-speed specification machine. Due to its brushless DC motor, ceramic bearings and air-cooling technology, the Mazak Ultraspindle is exceptionally quiet in operation whilst maintaining optimal thermal stability. The spindle is great for high-speed operation for reduced cycle times and superior finishing, typical for the die and mold industry.