Mazak VCN-700 vertical machining centre
Machining, Yamazaki Mazak

Mazak developed new VCN-700 machining centre for dynamic milling techniques

Yamazaki Mazak introduced a new vertical machining centre that delivers a high-performance solution for dynamic milling techniques. Built on the pedigree of the current VCN series, the VCN-700, the first of a range of ‘performance-line’ machining centres, draws upon Mazak’s extensive knowledge of the machining centre market to deliver a step-change in machine performance that has shifted towards dynamic milling techniques.

The benefits of dynamic milling are far-reaching but essentially it enables constant load milling through the combination of high-efficiency CAD/CAM toolpaths and the latest cutting tools. Mazak’s new VCN performance range has been designed to maximise productivity where modern milling strategies place emphasis on high spindle speeds, optimised feed rates and CNC processing speed – all the time maintaining continuous cutting accuracy.

The new VCN-700, with a 1,500 mm x 700mm table, is the largest VCN range produced in Mazak’s European manufacturing facility and provides a generous machining envelope with axes travel of X-1,300, Y- 700 and Z- 650mm. As standard, it features a newly developed 15,000 rpm 22 kW highly versatile spindle designed for fast metal removal rates and high-speed finishing. High accuracy and performance are ensured with a high-rigidity, FEM analysed and optimised C-frame structure, pre-tensioned ballscrews, linear roller guides and direct coupled servo motors that deliver 42 m/min rapid feedrate on all axes. Accuracy is further enhanced by Mazak’s comprehensive Thermal shield and circulated cooling to the spindle. Productivity is enhanced with a servo-driven 30 tool magazine and a double ATC arm, yielding an ultra-fast 1.3 second tool-to-tool time. Tool capacity can be extended with 48 and 60 tool magazine options.

SmoothG CNC-control

The VCN performance series is distinguished by the class-leading SmoothG CNC, the well-established control that includes a 19-inch touchscreen and boasts a best-in-class 540 m/min block processing speed with a 60 Gigabyte hard drive - making it ideal for high-capacity, micro-segment programs for machining freeform surfaces. In addition, SmoothG has Windows 10 embedded for ease of integration into third-party applications. Similar to other machines in the Mazak range, the VCN-700 has been designed with automation in mind and optional packages include an automatic front or side door, robot interface, and preparation for hydraulic and pneumatic fixturing.