HELLER acquires stake in IGH Infotec AG

HELLER acquires stake in IGH Infotec AG

Machine tool manufacturer HELLER from Nürtingen acquires a stake in IGH Infotec AG from Langenfeld in North Rhine-Westphalia. IGH Infotec AG specialises in IT systems for the optimisation of production and in-house logistics. With the HELLER Group’s stake in IGH, the long-standing cooperation of both companies will be expanded and intensified.

The investment of HELLER in IGH Infotec AG is made in line with the company’s strategic orientation, which puts customer success at the centre of activities by strengthening its portfolio in the areas of process analysis and optimisation. “We focus on the success of our customers by offering them complete process solutions that include digital interfaces and solutions as well as process-relevant services,” says Reinhold Groß, CEO of the HELLER Group. The combined consulting expertise will allow the company to holistically support customers in their production and logistics processes, enabling them to benefit from accelerated and more efficient processes. “IGH Infotec AG is the ideal partner for HELLER for this. Therefore, we are looking forward to continuing the successful cooperation,” Groß added.

The partner company also believes that the closer cooperation resulting from HELLER’s participation to have clear advantages for both companies. “The intensified cooperation offers the great opportunity to make our joint knowledge in production optimisation available to customers and prospects in a bundled and targeted manner,” says Andre Hörmandinger, CEO of IGH Infotec AG.

The solutions of IGH Infotec AG have been applied in mechanical production and spindle assembly at HELLER for five years now. HELLER is already a pilot user and development partner of IGH Infotec AG. With the participation in the capital of IGH Infotec AG, the cooperation will now be intensified.