Trumpf EuroBlech TruLaser Series 5000
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TRUMPF is making sheet-metal fabrication simpler, more productive and more sustainable

TRUMPF will be showcasing a range of solutions to make sheet-metal fabrication more sustainable at this year’s EuroBLECH trade fair. The high-tech company aims to leverage its position as a solution provider to help customers make their factories more competitive and eco-friendly.

“Our customers have seen huge increases in the cost of production due to higher energy prices. Our technologies reduce the use of energy-intensive materials and are less power-hungry overall. By offering more sustainable and lower-carbon methods of sheet-metal fabrication, we can help companies fight more effectively against climate change and slash the cost of materials and manufacturing,” says Stephan Mayer, Chief Executive Officer Machine Tools at TRUMPF. The solutions TRUMPF will be presenting at EuroBLECH include its new ‘Eco Cooler’ system that controls the temperature of laser-cutting machines using pure water instead of chemical refrigerants. This novel cooling solution uses 80 percent less energy than conventional systems and is 100 percent non-polluting.

Digitalization and automation still driving future of industry

TRUMPF continues to expand its market-leading position as a premier supplier and user of digitally connected sheet-metal fabrication solutions. “Digitalization and automation are still the most important trends in the future of our industry. Upstream and downstream activities in the laser cutting process account for 80 percent of job throughput time. By systematically digitalizing their manufacturing operations, companies can save time and significantly boost their productivity,” says Mayer. TRUMPF’s booth at EuroBLECH will be showcasing the new functions of its proprietary production planning and control software Oseon, which includes a module for reducing non-productive activities. Visitors to the booth will also be able to find out more about Smart Factory Consulting GmbH, a wholly-owned subsidiary set up by TRUMPF to help companies optimize their processes through digitalization.

TRUMPF Eco Cooler cools laser-cutting machines with pure water
TRUMPF makes sheet-metal fabrication more sustainable. Examples at the company’s EuroBLECH booth will include the Eco Cooler, which cools laser-cutting machines with pure water. (Source: TRUMPF)

TRUMPF expands portfolio of entry-level machines

TRUMPF is also continuing to expand its share of the market in simpler, more affordable machines. In 2021, the high-tech company introduced an entry-level laser-cutting machine and an entry-level laser welding machine, and this year’s EuroBLECH will see the launch of an entry-level bending machine, the TruBend 1000. “By expanding our portfolio, we’re tapping into a growing market for simpler machines. The machines are just as reliable, robust and durable as our high-end models, but significantly more affordable,” says Mayer. These entry-level machines from TRUMPF meet the same high safety standards as its high-end solutions, and they also provide users with access to the same tried-and-tested range of TRUMPF services. Easy to program and operate, these new machines help companies to address the shortage of skilled labor. Customers who choose to purchase them can also take advantage of suitable financing packages.

Solutions for the most demanding applications

At EuroBLECH, TRUMPF will also be showcasing a series of novel solutions for taking manufacturing productivity and profitability to an even higher level. “Cutting-edge technology lies at the heart of TRUMPF machines. Developing solutions for the most ambitious sheet-metal fabricators is our core business, and our EuroBLECH booth will offer more great examples of how we put that into practice,” says Mayer. Innovations on show at the booth will include a new robot gripper for automated bending cells that allows companies to switch between materials faster and carry out cost-effective low-volume manufacturing. The high-tech company has also doubled the laser power of its TruLaser 5000 laser-cutting machine from 12 kW to 24 kW. This increases the maximum sheet thickness and enables customers to boost their productivity by up to 80 percent.