The Staubli PF3 automated guided vehiclemasters uneven industrial surfaces thanks to the patented Stäubli drive unit.
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Stäubli Introduces Compact All-Purpose AGV With Ultra-High Payload

The new PF3 automated guided vehicle (AGV) platform from Stäubli has everything users need: It is compact, dynamic, and has an exceptionally high payload. The range of applications for this AGV is also broad. Whether working on the production line or transporting goods of up to three tons, the PF3 excels in many scenarios.

Jan Louwen, Global Head of AGV and Managing Director of the Stäubli site in Sulzbach-Rosenberg, sees the vehicle's versatility as an outstanding feature: "The PF3 is a true all-rounder. For example, it can be used to first lift Euro pallets and then move the palletized goods from point A to point B in production. These are strong arguments for users because they can fulfill different applications with one type of vehicle. With this solution, you are universally positioned in the load range of up to three tons."

The goal was to provide a compact AGV whose high payload could be fully developed even with structural hurdles and insufficient space. Stäubli has more than succeeded in this with the Red Dot Award-winning PF3. With dimensions of just 1,750 x 970 x 400 mm, the mobile transport platform fits into the dimensions of common industrial vehicles, but at the same time impresses with an exceptionally high payload of three tons.

Safety is a priority

Thanks to its standardized, scalable design, combined with countless possible applications, the new PF3 is the flexible multi-purpose solution in intralogistics and production environments. Your own applications and add-ons, such as conveyor technology, can be designed and installed independently of Stäubli due to the open interface. Good accessibility to components such as batteries complement the service-friendly AGV, as spare parts can be replaced within a few minutes without any downtime to speak of.

Stäubli places a high value on quality, not only for individual components. In addition to its proven industrial suitability, the PF3 makes no compromises when it comes to protecting employees. Its intelligent 360° sensor system detects potential obstacles both horizontally and vertically and, if necessary, ensures that the AGV stops automatically before a collision can occur.

In addition, five emergency stop buttons are installed around the vehicle as a further protective measure. And with the LED bar clearly visible from all sides, the PF3 shows the status of the vehicle at a glance. All this, combined with turn signals, predefined distances and fixed speeds ensure the necessary safety that must be provided in logistics and production environments.

Stäubli's answer to the shortage of skilled workers

The PF3 is intended to act safely when working with people. Above all, however, it is intended to make their work easier. “With the automation solutions around the PF3, we provide our customers with an effective solution to the shortage of skilled workers. So that this succeeds, it was also important for us to ensure a high level of acceptance among employees with the PF3,” Jan Louwen emphasizes.

Stäubli is also closing a gap in the market with the PF3. Its compact dimensions, combined with a high payload of three tons and modular structures, open up completely new possibilities for a range of industries.

The Staubli PF3 AGV is able to transport Euro and US pallets up to 3 tons.