Amada, Sheet metal

AMADA ENSIS AJ 3kW fiber laser offers more capabilities

To improve and enhance the groundbreaking ENSIS technology, Amada will show a 3 kW version at EuroBLECH 2016. This machine will build on the success of the 2 kW version with improved cutting speeds and quality. To boost the existing high specification level of the ENSIS, the new machine will also be fitted with an 8-station nozzle changer and the new 'WACS II' system for thick mild steel processing.

“Less is more” is the design principle of the fiber laser cutting machine ENSIS-3015AJ. This machine has several attributes. First of all, the newly expanded range now includes 3kW in addition to the original 2kW version. Amada's unique beam control technology which automatically adapts the laser to the material thickness eases the processing. With a positioning speed of 170 m/min, the fastest in class, it is also a low energy consumption thanks to the efficiency of Amada's fiber laser technology. It also benefits from full-range cutting capabilities without changing the lens.