Okuma OSP MULTUS-U3000 with the OSP-P500 CNC control
Machining, Okuma

Okuma’s new OSP-P500 supports sustainable process integration

The new CNC control by Okuma: The OSP-P500 raises production to the next level. Customers of the worldwide known manufacturer of CNC machine tools will benefit from the highest productivity and precision with special user-friendliness and energy efficiency. The smart machine control also includes special safety features to protect against cyber attacks.

An increasing shortage of skilled workers, growing requirements for climate-neutral production and ever more flexible, multi-variant production programmes are causing a sharp rise in the demand for automated, energy-saving production processes. 60 years after the first launch of OSP control, Okuma is announcing a revolutionary innovation as the answer to current and future challenges: “The innovative OSP-P500 control supports our customers to respond to the increasing requirements with ground-breaking developments and to realise complex machining operations even more precisely and in less time. Intelligent functionalities and the extremely easy handling ensure a significant increase of the user’s productivity,” says Norbert Teeuwen, Managing Director of Okuma Europe.



Efficient machining by everyone

The new OSP-P500 control is equipped with the “Digital Twin” to speed up the production processes and reduce preparation times. It facilitates high-precision simulations of the machining processes: With “Digital Twin on Machine” this simulation takes place on the machine itself, so that machining can be started immediately afterwards. Simulation can also be done with “Digital Twin on PC” on a computer to prevent downtimes, allowing the machine to be used for other machining processes. Even inexperienced users benefit from all the advantages of the CNC control thanks to the exceptionally user-friendly interface. The “Smart OSP Operation” function simplifies handling and provides automatic guidance through all the necessary steps, meaning that people without any prior experience can learn how to machine a workpiece in a single day.

The OSP-P500 is also ideally equipped for high-speed machining with high surface quality: Thanks to “Smart Control”, it has twice the computing power of conventional machine controls. This significantly shortens reaction times so that the cycle times can be reduced by up to 15 percent.

Secured against cyber attacks

With a comprehensive security system, the CNC control also reliably protects machine processes, programmes and data from cyber-attacks. Advanced identification processes for users and encryption of communication according to the OPC-UA standard also prevent unauthorised access. Possible damage can be minimised with specific anti-virus measures, such as a whitelist and functions for the direct identification of programme counterfeits or irregularities. Data recovery measures and data backup functions are also integrated for emergencies. This ensures stable and uninterrupted production at all times.

Greater energy efficiency

Thanks to the integrated “Eco Suite Plus”, the new OSP-P500 meets all customer requirements of reducing the power consumption. The smart features record and analyses every operating status and CO₂ emissions, switch to energy-saving idling if required and automatically adjust peripherals, such as the chip conveyor or suction. In future, Okuma will gradually launch a range of new Green Smart Machines onto the market which will provide even more functions for energy-saving, high precision operation. These intelligent machine tools are particularly designed to support the reduction of CO₂ emissions with reduced energy consumption, while still ensuring the highest quality. The OSP-P500 is also part of the package.

New machine design

In the first stage, the 5-axis machining centres of the MU-V series and the multitasking machines of the MULTUS series will be equipped with the new machine control. In addition, Okuma surprises with a revised machine design that offers more free space, facilitates ergonomic working on the machine and enables a high level of integration possibilities with automations.

The OSP-P500 will be presented to the public for the first time at the EMO in Hanover from 18 to 23 September 2023. The first machines with the new control and design will be delivered to customers in Europe at the end of 2023.