COVAL CTC bell-type suction cup
Automation, Sheet metal

COVAL CTC bell-type suction cups hold fast to sheet metal

In many industrial sectors where sheet metal handling is required, vacuum handling is increasingly used, and suction cups have become an essential element of safety, reliability and productivity. With CTC high-performance bell-type suction cups, COVAL wanted to bring manufacturers the best of both flat and bellows suction cups to enhance system efficiency.

The main feature of this new range of COVAL CTC suction pads is its bell shape. This new design combines the advantages of flat and bellows suction pads. They have the strength and anti-slip quality of the former, with the added ability of the latter to grip complex or angular shapes. With their large deflection capability, they adapt easily to gripping flat, convex or angular sheet metal. Their anti-slip stops make it easy to move heavy, oily sheets quickly and efficiently, while their central stops ensure that thin sheets are gripped tightly without deforming them. CTC's high-performance bell-type suction cups are available in a wide range of diameters (4 diameters from 40 to 100 mm) and mounting configurations (3/8G male or female and 32 mm square), to adapt perfectly to all types of application. All are made from TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane), for excellent resistance to wear and oil.

A broad range of applications

The versatility, sturdiness, reliability and safety features of CTC's new high-performance bell-type suction cups make them ideal for use in any industry where sheet metal or metal parts are handled as part of the process:

  • Feeding machines such as folders and cutters, etc.
  • Picking-up sheet metal or parts for transfer to stamping presses and storage,
COVAL CTC bell-type suction cup sheet metal
CTC suction cups are perfect for use in the automotive sector, in various stages of the manufacturing process: stamping, fitting, assembly, etc.