SLM NXG XII 600 metalprinter
3d-printing, SLM Solutions

Safran will 3D print large aluminum parts with SLM

Safran, an international high-tech company operating in the aviation, defense and space markets, choose to work with SLM Solutions' NXG XII 600. The production system will be used to produce large, qualified aluminum parts for current and next-generation program. It will be added to Safran Additive Manufacturing Campus in Le Haillan near Bordeaux, where SLM 500 machines are already in use. With the last generation NXG XII 600, Safran acquires one of the most productive systems on the market with twelve 1kW laser power.

“Safran is engaged in reaching carbon neutrality for aviation by 2050. Additive manufacturing is one of the main assets to secure this ambitious but realistic target, enabling to develop innovative architecture on our products, as long as reducing significantly their weight. Equipment such as the NXG XII 600 will be part of this challenging journey” declares Francois-Xavier FOUBERT, General Manager of Safran Additive Manufacturing Campus.

“With its unparalleled features in the industry, the NXG XII 600 provides new horizons for Safran. The capability to produce bigger parts with stringent quality, cost, and throughput requirements triggers new part designs, and new business cases that were previously impossible to manufacture. SLM Solutions is proud to contribute to this new era of manufacturing,” says Sam O’Leary, CEO of SLM Solutions.