Nordic Steel can make anything from steel. These tanks are made of stainless steel and will be used in the oil and gas industry.
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Outokumpu and Nordic Steel start collaboration towards-zero stainless steel

Outokumpu, the global leader in stainless steel, is partnering with Nordic Steel, Norway's leading competence centre in steel, to introduce sustainable stainless steel in Norway. Outokumpu’s Circle Green is a sustainable stainless steel with up to 92% lower carbon footprint than the industry average*. The collaboration supports the sustainability strategy for both companies and enables Nordic Steel to be the first in Norway to offer the solution to its customers.  

“We are at the forefront of decarbonizing the steel industry and we want to help our customers and partners to develop solutions that reduce climate burden by means of the right material choices. Decarbonizing heavy industries is a prerequisite for reaching carbon-neutrality in Europe and now, together with Nordic Steel, we are taking the next step by expanding the sustainable solution to the Norwegian market. Our new partner is Norway's leading company in steel metal fabrication and welding and has expertise that adds value to customers. We are both united by the strong aspirations for a sustainable metal sector, which we are once again getting closer to with this partnership”, says Niklas Wass, Executive Vice President, Stainless Europe, Outokumpu.

Nordic Steel is working with customers on projects both large and small, spanning a wide range of sectors. These include renewable energy, oil and gas, aquaculture and maritime, HVAC, transport and infrastructure, construction, defence, among others. The Norwegian company has a strong commitment to sustainability and recognizes the importance of supporting customers in their own sustainability efforts. Nordic Steel achieves this by actively investing in innovative technologies and efficient practices that not only reduce emissions, but also enable greener, more sustainable solutions.

“When a market leader like Outokumpu chooses Nordic Steel as its partner, it shows that what we have built is serious and meaningful beyond national borders. In Norway, major companies value competence in sustainability and it’s emphasized when contracts are awarded. We can see an increasing number of customers who want to take part in solutions for the future. Nordic Steel is proud to be a first mover offering Circle Green in Norway. Together with Outokumpu, we see great opportunities for customers in all types of industries to reduce their CO₂ emissions by choosing the most sustainable alternative,” says Børre Lobekk, President and CEO of Nordic Steel.

Circle Green contribute to a climate neutral Europe

Outokumpu’s Circle Green production was the first of its kind globally, as no other stainless steel manufacturer has been able to produce stainless steel with such low emission levels when considering all the climate emissions from raw material extraction through the whole production chain. Outokumpu produces Circle Green in Finland – from Nordic Steel’s perspective, this means that the transportation to Norway is shorter than from many other steel manufacturers.

“Reduction in CO₂ emissions is an important part of our mission in Nordic Steel. Our direct CO₂ emissions are low, but we are dedicated to being a part of the solution in the global fight against climate change. We also work to reduce indirect emissions, by choosing sustainable steel. A collaboration with both local and global partners is necessary. We need more companies to realize that sustainability isn’t just nice-to-have – it’s also profitable,” says Lobekk.

Outokumpu has ambitious targets in terms of sustainability and is further shaping the stainless steel market by setting a benchmark with Circle Green product line, launched a year ago. We are also the only stainless steel producer to have climate targets approved by the Science Based Targets initiative, aiming to reduce direct and indirect emissions and our supply chain emissions by 42% per tonne of stainless steel by 2030. Nordic companies need to show the direction for a climate-neutral Europe by 2050”, says Wass.


*) Global average CO₂ emissions 6.1 tons of CO₂ per ton of stainless steel (Source: ISSF). Outokumpu Circle Green CO₂ emissions: up to 0.5 tons of CO₂ per ton of stainless steel.