Silesia Automotive & Advanced Manufacturing (SA&AM) – A Gateway to Innovation and Growth

Collaborating with Silesia Automotive & Advanced Manufacturing (SA&AM) – A Gateway to Innovation and Growth

Collaborating with Silesia Automotive & Advanced Manufacturing (SA&AM) opens doors to a world of strategic competences in modern manufacturing and Industry 4.0. Companies and organisations outside Poland can leverage this partnership to address global challenges, including supply chain disruptions, climate change, and technological advancements. The key benefits include continuous process and production improvement, heightened employee productivity, new technology competences, and access to local supplier networks, crucial for resilience and business continuity.

Understanding SA&AM: A Hub of Innovation and Expertise

SA&AM embodies a bottom-up approach, directly addressing the needs and challenges of its members. By uniting managers, team leaders, engineers, scientists, and experts, it fosters an environment of problem-solving and practical solution creation. The aim is to maintain the Śląskie Voivodeship as a strong Central European competence region in Automotive and Advanced Manufacturing, making it an ideal partner for international collaboration.

The Benefits of Collaborating with SA&AM:

  1. Strategic competence development: Focusing on Automotive and Advanced Manufacturing, SA&AM nurtures competencies vital in today’s dynamic market.
  2. Innovative solutions: By fostering a bottom-up approach, the cluster addresses real-time challenges, leading to practical, innovative solutions.
  3. Networking and synergy: Engaging with SA&AM enables access to a network of managers, engineers, and experts, promoting collaborative problem-solving and knowledge sharing.
  4. New possibilities: B2B and S2B meetings, automotive market research, dedicated studies for the automotive sector, benchmarking, SA&AM suppliers base and SA&AM Technology Centre
Silesia Automotive & Advanced Manufacturing (SA&AM) fosters an environment of problem-solving and practical solution creation.
By uniting managers, team leaders, engineers, scientists, and experts, Silesia Automotive & Advanced Manufacturing (SA&AM) fosters an environment of problem-solving and practical solution creation.

International Successes: A Testimony to Global Impact

Established in 2011, SA&AM has marked its presence in the automotive sector, boasting over 230 active companies and 116 official members. Currently, SA&AM gathers over 210 official members, among which the cluster's Advanced Manufacturing group includes over 50 companies, encompassing a wide range of Industry 4.0 solutions. These numbers reflect SA&AM's significant role in the sector, showcasing its potential for international partnerships.

‘SA&AM Cluster joined the European Automotive Cluster Network (EACN) in the early days of its existence. Since then, SA&AM has been actively engaged in the development of EACN. I consider SA&AM project partner inputs and engagement as highly valuable and contributing to the success of the EACN project, which in the longer run lead to the formalisation and official launch of the EACN. Thanks to its national contacts, SA&AM promoted EACN among all Polish automotive clusters which are now members of EACN, too’, tells Thomas Röhr, Secretary General of European Automotive Cluster Network.

The Silesia Automotive & Advanced Manufacturing Cluster (SA&AM) is a valued member of prestigious international organisations, highlighting its significance on the global stage. Its membership in the European Automotive Cluster Network (EACN) plays a particularly crucial role. Through this association, SA&AM actively participates in the development of international strategies and projects, facilitating the exchange of knowledge, experiences, and best practices in the automotive industry. Being part of EACN provides SA&AM with access to a vast network of contacts, enhancing its potential for collaboration with key players in the European and global markets. This international cooperation not only strengthens the Cluster's position as an industry leader but also opens doors for its members to develop and implement innovative projects and establish business relations on an international level.

‘As a President of EACN, I've been cooperating with SA&AM since 2021. I enjoy working with Łukasz Górecki, who for over 3 years has been an active member of the EACN Executive Board acting in favour and full support of EACN development. SA&AM is a strong EACN member and international project partner which brings on board skilled and open-minded experts. During the times when the EACN projects was ongoing, SA&AM ensured the stability of the project and fulfilled of its tasks', according to Bruno Grandjean, President of EACN, General Manager of Pôle Véhicule du Futur, France.

An Invitation to Collaborate

SA&AM extends an open invitation to international partners to join hands in advancing Industry 4.0, fostering trade relations, and accessing a pool of skilled professionals. By partnering with SA&AM, international entities can participate in a thriving ecosystem of innovation and collaboration, paving the way for mutual growth and success in the automotive and manufacturing sectors.

Łukasz Górecki Director of SA&AM Cluster says: ‘Today the SA&AM Cluster represents a strong cooperation platform for the automotive sector, new technology suppliers and the local knowledge potential represented by research and scientific institutes. We are the largest automotive cluster in Poland, an active partner in international projects, and we have been continuously striving for excellence. Entrepreneurs and institutions operating in the Cluster, through sharing their experiences, good practices, and joint activities, build relationships for future projects and upgrade competencies of their organisations to be more competitive and resilient to change.’

In an era where global collaboration is key to thriving in the automotive and advanced manufacturing sectors, the SA&AM Cluster presents a unique opportunity. With its focus on innovation, strong international ties, and commitment to excellence, SA&AM is not just a cluster; it's a gateway to new possibilities and success on a global scale.

The entities associated with the Cluster can be viewed here.

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