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Sawing and Cutting Industry Shows Off its Innovations at Tube 2024

From small drinking water pipes in the home to large gas pipelines on the ocean floor: tubes must be cut to size for all applications. For this reason, the sawing and cutting industry will also be a focal point at Tube 2024 – the industry gathering at Messe Düsseldorf from 15 to 19 April 2024.

Thanks to the latest technologies, the processes of sawing and cutting are becoming more and more fast and precise. This allows material and energy to be saved, contributing to the sustainability of the industry. At the same time, job security is increasing, making the sector more attractive to skilled workers. Increasing digitalisation is also helping to strengthen the image as innovative automation solutions relieve employees of physically heavy and repetitive tasks.

Major changes are also being seen among clients, mainly thanks to the transformation of the energy sector. According to Holger Ade, head of economic and energy policy at Wirtschaftsverband Stahl- und Metallverarbeitung e.V., those currently coming out on top on the customer side include, for example, suppliers of components for wind turbines and for power and water networks. E-mobility is also gaining in importance, which has a positive impact on the machining sector, notes the company Schwarze-Robitec.

An industry on the move

Where does the sawing and cutting industry stand at the moment? What are the latest trends? Where are future challenges lurking? Where are opportunities hiding? These questions will be answered at the upcoming Tube in April 2024.  Machine and tool manufacturers and suppliers to the sawing and cutting industry will present their innovations and seek dialogue with customers, partners and suppliers.

The users come from all different industries. In addition to the representatives from the pipe industry, metal and steel processors are just as much a part of it as the specialists in mechanical engineering. The chemical, pharmaceutical and automotive industries are also keeping a close eye on sawing and cutting technology.

All this will ensure that Tube, from 15 to 19 April 2024 at the Düsseldorf exhibition space, will once again be an unmissable event. This is the case for the tube bending machine manufacturer, Schwarze-Robitec: “For us, Tube has been the most important trade show and industry meeting for decades.”